Thursday, June 29, 2006

i gots to get paid.

so i took on a new job yesterday. for $7.50/hr, i am entering inventory items into a new computer system for my mom's boss. i'm officially a "computer guy." I should probably go get some black reeboks.

i've started the skeletal structure of my second album. all i know is that it's mostly acoustic and it will have a lot more of my horrific singing than my last album. I'm going to try to get more originals on it too, but i make no promises.

i also downloaded ArtRage 2. i think i'm going to take a shot at webcomics. as soon as i come up with something interesting, i'll find somewhere to post them and it will be either fun or absolutely terrible.

anyhow, i've got an insane mess to clean up. for some reason or another, i decided to dig to the bottom of a basket of clean clothes and throw the top bazillion layers around my room. why? i don't know, but what i do know is that now i have to clean it all up.



Blogger nate meadows said...

i notice you are a dork! excellent, i am too!

3:10 PM  

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